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Policies and Procedures

Chappers Photography is fully inclusivity and welcomes all to our events and workshops. We are always evolving our policies and procedures and are happy to offer one-to-one support to meet individual needs. 

Accessibility information




Chappers Photography strives to ensure that all events, courses and workshops are as accessible as possible for all. We strive to make our events inclusive and cater for a range of individual needs. For some events this may not be possible, for example some events take place on farmland or in remote areas. These events often involve a certain amount of walking and in these cases, this is specified within the event information. We urge anyone with concerns to get in touch with us to discuss specific access requirements prior to an event.

Courses on location will follow accessibility arrangements of our partner organisations;

Severn Valley Railway;


Inclusivity Information

Chappers Photography is fully inclusive, we cater for all needs. As a fully qualified lecturer in adult education Lee is trained in all aspects of inclusivity and meeting individual needs. Our website and resources all feature large fonts and easily readable text. We can also adapt our courses and programmes to meet specific requirements. Get in touch if you have any questions. 

Our events are designed to be open to a wide range of individuals which include young children and older adults well into retirement age. Our staff are trained in safeguarding and Special Educational needs and the courses are designed to be adaptable to any learning needs. We have a range of courses that also target beginners, children as well as the more advanced. Please get in touch with the team if you want to discuss specific learning needs or to see which workshops would be right for you.



Reducing our carbon footprint and doing things in a more sustainable way is integral to the Chappers Photography operation. We recognize that many activities that promote sustainability are also cost-saving, that that’s something we are very keen to do in the current difficult economic climate.


We use hybrid/electric vehicles and minimise traveling wherever possible. We offer car sharing to events out of the area and use public transport where possible. 


Many of our events are based within farms and the natural world and in addition to our own actions we also promote nature, the environment and sustainability as part of our programmes.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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